FAQ - Asparion Flashlight

Where can I get this app?

You can download it from the Windows Store. Just search for Asparion Flashlight.

Flashlight Options

Open the options in the charms menu (swipe from right to left/move your mouse to the top right corner) or in the app bar menu (swipe from top to buttom/right click with your mouse anywhere).

The hardware LED is not working.

Some devices don't support the use of hardware LEDs from Windows Apps because of driver problems.

Currently unsupported devices

  • Asus VivoTab (the driver currently doesn't allow to turn on the LED)


Please check the options settings described in the question above this one and ensure that you gave the permissions like shown below. If the LED doesn't work after following these steps please contact us and tell us which device you have.


Give the permission to use the webcam in the charms bar menu of the app:


Give the Flashlight app the permission to use the webcam in the privacy settings.

PC Settings --> Privacy --> Webcam

Can I use Asparion Flashlight with Windows 8.0?

Flashlight is only available for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 because Windows 8.0 doesn't support the use of the hardware lights.

How do I uninstall an app?

Rightclick on the tile (1) and choose "Uninstall" (2):