FAQ - Asparion Clock

Where can I get the apps?

You can download it from the Windows Store. Just search for Asparion Clock or for Asparion Clock+.

What's the difference between the Clock+ version and the free one?

Clock+ has more features:

  • Supports different time zones
  • Completely offline (no ads)
How do I change the time?

Our app uses your system time. Therefore if the time is wrong, please change the Windows time as shown here:

How do I change the tile size?

You can switch between tile sizes by right clicking on them directly on your start screen.

Tiles are missing on the start screen / I can't find the clock anymore.

Maybe you have unpinned the main tile from the start screen.

Windows 8.0: Right click(Mouse)/Drag the screen up (Touch) on an empty space on your start screen and choose "All Apps". Search the Clock, right click(Mouse)/Hold(Touch) and choose "pin to Start"

Windows 8.1: Click on the arrow on the bottom of the start screen (Mouse)/Drag the screen up (Touch) to show all apps. Search the Clock, right click/hold and choose "pin to Start"

Windows 10:

The main tile of this app isn't pinned to your startscreen or disabled by Windows.

See question above, or try to activate the live tile function again:

How can I change the branding text?

The branding text is specified when you check "show". You need to uncheck and check it again.

How do I change the color of the main tile? (Clock+ and Upgrade versions)

Unfortunately, due to restrictions of Microsoft you can't change the color of the main tile directly.

However you can add a new tile, customize it to your needs and unpin the main tile by right clicking (Mouse) on it/hold (Touch) directly on your start screen.

The live tile isn't working.

If you never see the time, then you may have disabled the live function of the tile. Try right clicking on/hold (touchscreens) the tile -> enable live tile.

If that doesn't solve the problem, especially after updates, uninstall the app and install it again.

Check if the app has the permission to run in background and is set as lockscreen application (in the app options). On very slow computers it may be possible that the clock is not updating correctly. This is a known issue. It is due to restrictions from Microsoft for apps that run in the background. Microsoft only allows the program to run 1 second every 15 minutes. This is a very short time in which we have to display the time 15 times. On slow computers this just isn't enough.

You can try to use only 1 tile and just your system time and see if it works. Try to remove everything else on the tile except the time.

The app requires minimum 5 MB free disc space to work properly.

No alarm sound

Windows 8.0

Can you hear the sound when you press the "Preview" button next to the sound selection? If not you should check if your device is muted or if the volume is set to"0".

It is not possible to hear the alarm in the sleep or energy saver mode in Windows 8.0 but you can upgrade to Windows 8.1 for free to solve this problem.

Windows 8.1

If you can't hear the alarm you should check if there are two buttons (dismiss/snooze) on the small alarm window on the right side of your screen. If not you have to set this app as your main alarm app. You can do this in the settings of our app or in the Windows settings.

If the alarm doesn't work in the sleep or energy saver mode even though set as your main alarm app you have to activate this function in Windows. Please follow the instructions on the picture below. If this option is not available your device doesn't support the alarm function in the sleep or energy saver mode

The app uses too much RAM

The app doesn't have to stay open, you can close it. The time will be updated anyway.

How do I close the app?

Microsoft explains this here.

How do I uninstall the app?

Rightclick on the tile (1) and choose "Uninstall" (2):