FAQ - Asparion Calculator

Where can I get this app?

You can download it from the Windows Store. Just search for Asparion Calculator.

How do I zoom?

You can zoom via:

  • Touch gesture
  • Hold Ctrl and press + or -
  • Hold Ctrl and turn your mousewheel
  • Zoom via the buttons in the menu
Can I reset the zoom to the default value?

Yes you can. You need to hit the key R.

Can I use the numpad to enter a calculation?

Yes, you can.

The calculation is too long to be displayed at once.

You can scroll the calculation via touch or with your mousewheel.

Why does the share function not work?

Windows handles this. If you do not have any other application installed which allows you to share content, it is not possible to share a calculation.

How do I uninstall an app?

Rightclick on the tile (1) and choose "Uninstall" (2):