Where can I find the manuals, presets and the software?

You can download the manuals, presets and current software here:

D400 Downloads

Where can I buy Asparion products?

If you reside in Germany you can order in our online shop:

Asparion Shop

If you do not live in Germany, you can shop at one of our distributors:

Buy Asparion products

Additional extensions are not displayed (OSX)

If you can’t see another extension after following the instructions you should follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the device from your Mac
  2. Go to Applications -> Utilities -> Audio MIDI Setup
  3. In the menu bar click Windows -> MIDI Studio
  4. Select D400 and Remove device
  5. Restart the Mac
  6. Plug the device back in
Volume ring blinks and device does not respond

This means that your device is in firmware update mode. This might happen if an update was interrupted. To restore normal functionality, you have to open the Asparion Configurator and start the firmware update again.